Or, using the System Map (map with all the routes displayed), find the city or town to which you will be traveling. Then click the link to the route (found below and on the home page), which correspond with your boarding and destination points, to plan your trip.

Check the schedules for the day of the week you will be traveling to make sure service is available on the day and time you wish to travel. Find your nearest starting point by street name on the map. Then go to the schedule and find the prior time point to your starting point to estimate when the bus will arrive. Courtesy stops may be at any safe and legal point along any of the routes, subject to driver discretion.

Customers may choose other MBTA services at these primary transfer locations:

    Yucca Valley Park and Ride1, 7A, 7B, 12
    Yucca Valley Dollar Tree / Staters East7A, 21
    Hwy 62 & Park Blvd in Joshua Tree1
    Twentynine Palms Stater Bros.1, 3B
    Twentynine Palms Transit Center1, 3A, 3B
    Marine Base at 6th & Bourke1, 3A


  • Arrive at your bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the arrival of the bus. Times posted are best estimates, please be patient. The bus is on its way!

  • Drivers may request I.D. upon use of an MBTA Pass. Please have I.D. ready.

  • Exact fare is due upon boarding the vehicle. No checks are accepted except for Ready Ride services.

  • Lost bus passes and tickets will not be replaced. Damaged and illegible passes will not be accepted.

  • Children 5 years old and under ride free (up to 3 per adult).

  • Children 7 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult.

  • MBTA reserves the right to refuse service to persons who are intoxicated, abusive or offensive.

  • Talk to the driver only when boarding or when the bus comes to a complete stop.

  • Once you are seated, do not move or change seats while the bus is in motion.

  • Good personal hygiene habits are necessary to use the MBTA. Any offensive odor, or appearance, etc., is unsettling to others and cannot be permitted.

  • Shoes and shirts must be worn.

  • All strollers and shopping carts must be unloaded and folded before boarding.

  • ADA service animals are permitted. All other pets must be in an approved pet carrier that fits on the passenger's lap. Passenger is limited to two pet carriers. An approved pet carrier is a device commercially manufactured and designed to secure pets.

  • Flag Stops - On most MBTA routes, passengers can only board and alight at designated stops. However, in certain areas where there are no bus stops, flag stops are permitted. All one had to do is wave to the driver, and if it's safe to stop, the driver will. Please contact Customer Service to verify your flag stop location.

  • Deviation Policy - The MBTA provides deviated fixed route service to the general public for those that are not able to get to the regular fixed route bus stops within a 3/4 mile corridor along the route. Deviations are by reservation only and request must be 1 hour in advance prior to trip. MBTA's Route 21 Landers Loops has a maximum corridor of 1.5 miles along its route. All deviations are subject to approval due to distance and road conditions. For more information regarding deviated services, please contact MBTA Customer Service at (760) 366-2395.

  • The Transit Center facility does not include a public restroom. MBTA does not have the manpower to adequately clean and monitor a public restroom. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our valued patrons and ask that you take care of your needs before or after your trip.

  • For safety reasons, please observe the buses only signs posted at teh Transit Centers entrances. No personal vehicles are permitted.


  • ROUTE 1  •  Yucca Valley - 29 Palms
  • ROUTE 3A  •  Marine Base - 29 Palms
  • ROUTE 3B  •  29 Palms Neighborhood
  • ROUTE 7A  •  North Yucca Valley
  • ROUTE 7B  •  South Yucca Valley
  • ROUTE 21  •  Landers - Yucca Valley
  • ROUTE 12 & 15  •  To Palm Springs

  • For Customer Assistance Call 760-366-2395